​Here at Mr. PC we use the latest tools to remove, clean and clear any evidence of virus', new or old.

Wether you have on old inkjet printer or a new laser printer, Mr. PC can help you with the best solution weather it be repair or replace.

Mr. PC addresses your IT problems before they become IT failures through our remote monitoring, alerts and support of your business. Increase the up-time and the overall performance and productivity of your IT systems.

​If your hard drive is no longer accessible, or your computer won't start up, we can attempt to recover your data, such as pictures, music and documents from your hard drive. We will tell you within 24 hours if we are able to recover your files. The cost for data recovery is on a case-by-case basis.

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Remove spyware from your computers before it collects important information without your knowledge. Spyware is acquired from surfing the web or opening an email that contains spyware.

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